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Color Trends

There are many options to make your home look more beautifully. One of great ideas is by choosing and decorating each room of your house with the right interior selection. As well we know, there are always new ideas for interior and decoration, with the different ideas for different years. And even the concept of the new ideas of interior design is undergoing a fairly significantly change for each year. Many people outside there still have strong ambition to build a big house, but today, we can also see a lot of people who don’t only focus to the big building but also interested to have a smaller ecological-footprint and friendlier to the environment. 2010 has been passed, now we are in 2011! So let’s take a look at some colors and interior trends in 2011.


What are colors that will be a huge trend in 2011? Well, it is predicted that there are more colors and more choices for exciting interior. But it is predicted there is no radical change! Some colors in 2010 are predicted still becoming popular in 2011.

  1. Gray, it is more purposed for neutral color and will be useful for deeper-balance! It can be more interesting & saturated for color shades. It is predicted not only familiar in walls and paints but also in fabrics & furniture.
  2. Purples, especially with bluer tones will be so familiar in many elements of interior and decoration in 2011.
  3. Blue, particularly truer shade of blue also will be the next favorite for home decor in the next few months. Even blue also can be combined nicely with plaids and white prints.
  4. Greens with two opposite directions of the teal shades and browns are going to be a great idea to support “go green campaign” from your house.
  5. And for accent colors, there are predicted three popular selections that are; saturated pinks, sunny accent yellow color, and true purples.


Natuzzi Upholstery

There are three categories of upholstery when it comes to custom ordering your Natuzzi furniture. The three categories are Leather, Fabric, and Microfiber.


There are two types of leather for Natuzzi sofas, sectionals, chairs, ottomans, and pillows.

  1. Protecta Leather = Finished Leathers = Less natural characteristics / More uniformed look–This is the most commonly ordered style of leather from Natuzzi. The Protecta leather comes in a vast array of colors and textures from Category 10-35. You can definitely find the right look and texture needed in your home décor and they are a great asset for busy lifestyle or an active family. The lower categories 10-20 are called “Fully Corrected Grain” which means that all scars, markings, bug bites, etc are removed from the hide and they get a uniform embossed texture which creates uniformity and keeps all angles of the furniture flowing perfectly. The higher categories 25-35 are called “Lightly Corrected Grain” where only some of the markings are removed but most of the natural grain of the leather is left intact, but with the same great protection. As with all Natuzzi leathers the hides go through an Aniline dye which gives it it’s color all the way through and with the Protecta leathers you get a pigment barrier in between you and the leather which make spills and light scratching much more bearable. This is a great choice for a family with children and pets or just a high traffic place.
  2. Natural Leather = Unfinished Leathers = More natural characteristics / shading differences– This is the rarest of the leathers. It is projected that only 5% of all the leathers in the world are considered true Natural. The Natural leather is exactly what it sounds like, the only thing that is done to the hide is the Aniline Dye. No markings or natural “beauty marks” are removed from the hide and you get an unequalled natural look and feel. The Natural leathers are not for everyone but if you are looking for a unique style and feel then the Natural is the way to go. You can think of them as your favorite leather jacket or baseball glove that grows with you over time and becomes even more beautiful with age. The Natural Leathers are available in Categories 25-60.


Natuzzi offers some of the best fabrics from around the world. They offer a wide variety of colors and textures and are constantly being updated as in the fashion world when new trends and styles are discovered and introduced. It is also a very popular option to mix Fabric and Leather with a fabric ottoman, pillow, or accent chair.


Microfibers are a great option for those who are looking for a durable material but may not love the feel of leather. They come in a wide range of colors from neutrals to warm colors such as red, yellow, etc. They are a man made polyester materials that resists stains and scuffs and is always soft to the touch.

#The Grading System

A very frequently asked question is “Why are there so many categories?”; “What is the difference between the categories?” and “Why is one grade/category of leather more than another?”

The main determining factor of a grade of leather is the origin of the raw hide. Hides from the Southern Hemisphere are more abundant and tend to show more of the natural characteristics of leather. They are less supple than hides from the Northern Hemisphere. Generally speaking, the higher grades of leather come from hides raised in the Northern Hemisphere. Hides come from all over the world, and are classified into categories based on their origin. Then they are sorted by the amount of natural characteristics that are present on the hide. Since hides with fewer characteristics are rarer, they usually are more expensive, and require less processing to complete the leather. Hides from the Southern Hemisphere usually represent the majority of the Protecta family of leathers. However, we do use some hides from the Southern Hemisphere in our Natural collection. These hides, by their origin, have more natural characteristics and will show more variation in color. This is not a defect, it is a beauty mark. All leathers for Natuzzi Italy are processed, dyed, and upholstered in Italy.

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